Don’t Do This!

You shall have no fun.stick-man-banging-head

Those who believe they are in charge of us ensure that you shall have no fun. witch_flying_broom_black_background

Life as we now experience it may be too dangerous to live !

These days we are warned — all too often — of all sorts of dangers and things we should not do. Everywhere, from the media, politicians, friends, relatives, coworkers, and just about everybody else who has a voice, lectures us to dare not do stuff. Their advice includes don’t eat this, don’t use so much gas, don’t breathe now, don’t go there, and on and on.

Most self-empowered advisors are not qualified on the subjects they so loudly shout. Most of them are meddling. Most of them should not be listened to.

Most of the Don’t Do This free advice is wrong, inaccurate, and not worth even considering.

The main reason there is so much free advice being thrown at us is that there are many self-empowered jerks who have no lives themselves and want to make sure that no one else enjoys his life either.

Some tidbits of advice — almost by chance — is worthy of attention.


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