Life Is So Miserable

There Is A Community Of Miserable People Supporting Each Other While Suffering Through Miseries & Tragedies


It used to be that the only thing we had to fear was fear itself. Today we should fear our ignorance & pessimism.

How sure are you that you are miserable?

Hey Americans, how about riding to your own rescue. Nothing is permanently miserable. Get to work and make things better. But don’t be foolish enough to believe anyone — not even a lying politician — is able to, or will make your life as good as you can make it if you try!

Some reports of misery follow:

A site visitor answered the question, “Do you expect to live a life of peaceful bliss?” as follows. “I hope so. I pray for it most everyday. Maybe that’s selfish. I don’t necessarily want to be in a “peaceful bliss”, just living life without so much fear and in a place in my life where I feel good about myself and am proud of what I’m doing, what my goals are, and what I’m working toward. A sense of fulfillment I guess. I hope for everyone to have a full and happy life but I guess it’s not realistic.”

Misery  >>>  There is no solid leadership to help the US lead the world out of the conundrum of terrorism.

Misery  >>>   My neighbor lost her job last month. She had been employed by the same company for 12 years. I am worried about my job.

Misery  >>>  After 40 years of having my house continuously increase in value, it has lost around 6%. I realize that most other houses have lost value but I still feel less wealthy. A friend tried to explain to me that if I sell my house to buy another, yes, I may get less for my house, but the house I buy will cost less than a year ago. So I really don’t need any more money than ever to buy my next house. But I still feel less rich.

Misery  >>>   My friends use words like terrified, disgusted, and scary to describe what they call a this mess that we Americans are in. Their list of problems making up their mess includes a protracted war (they know not how long WWI & WWII lasted), $4-a-gallon gas, somewhat increasing food prices, insecurity over their jobs because they realize they are not really needed, a stock market that is acting like a stock market, a declining housing market (for the first time in 40 years), and more.

Some pessimists’ attitudes are taking a hit. Some people’s sense of pessimism is palpable. People are falling for the media’s inaccurate and pessimistic slanting of most events. Americans are questioning where they are and where they are going. Some people wonder who is able to ride to their rescue.

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