Mean People Are Nasty & Worse

The Asymmetrically Intertwined, Multi-faceted Cultural Phenomenon That Has Overtaken Our Culture & Overwhelmed Our Sensibilities — Being Mean, Rude, & Classless

About The Current Incarnation Of Our Culture


Today there are today several obvious manifestations of mean behavior. Consider how while driving needlessly aggressive and rude drivers approach from behind demanding that you exceed the speed limit as they are or else! Consider the work atmosphere in your office where needlessly rude and aggressive coworkers maneuver to hold other people back rather than working harder themselves to achieve more, thereby bettering themselves and the organization. Consider politics where genuine leaders who could wisely implement reforms and lead the advancement of the nation rarely and reluctantly rise forth to run for elected office.

How Did We Get Here? There Is No Reason To Stay Here.

We — all men and women — are victims of some things and many things.

Today’s women are victims of the women’s movement. That movement liberated women but failed to educate them regarding the use of the liberties they won. Consequently, many women are unable to discern when and the extent appropriate for their assertive and aggressive behavior. Confusion over what it means to be female leads many to slip into masculinity. The result is they feel insecure. For many, insecurity makes it difficult to fulfill natural female roles including being moms, wives, and lovers. Observe obsessive women rushing in chaos attempting to multitask, exercise, drink bottled water, & drive with abandon. Often speaking loudly, being abrasive, rude, impolite, mean, unfeminine, neglecting responsibilities… & feeling unsatisfied and dissatisfied. Happiness might come some day when they learn to balance their powers, desires, & capabilities rationally. Men & women have equal rights. They do not have equal skills — anymore than all women — each and every woman — has equal skills.

Today’s men have abdicated, been usurped, and washed away by aggressive females and a minority of more aggressive men. Today’s men display remnants and fake masculinity by not shaving for a few days. But other than that trite act, they look sloppy, dingy, and strut around exhibiting a phony bravado. In return for having been usurped by women, these weakened men turn on other people using shielded instruments such as cars while driving and shopping carts in grocery stores. They sense their lost status and compensate by passive aggression regardless of potentially dangerous consequences.

Consider the husband-wife, friends and relative relationships wherein one partner is often reluctant, quiet, and follows most decisions mandated near-unilaterally by a partner. At work, some bosses and coworkers use a noisy, raspy voice, unilaterally announce their decisions, and then aggressively demand that everyone follow. There is little discussion and compromise. Rather, the more aggressive and rude get their way.