Stop Meddling

Handling The Global Meddling Epidemic finger-pointing-1

Today there are too many unnecessary intrusions into our lives by people wholly unacquainted with the world & our affairs & goals.     fatty-guy

There are too many people shouting, lecturing, demanding, and indiscriminately changing things that they know little about. Imagine a world where everyone minds his own business, takes care of his own affairs, and does not interfere with others.

There are far fewer real experts prancing around and lecturing in our faces than they would like us to believe.

Each of us should mind our own business, accomplish what we can, and leave the serious, big stuff to real experts. Science, technology, and capitalism will cure almost everything. They will also cause new problems. And those new problems will be resolved by future generations of [PERHAPS] real experts.

McDonalds and other fast food restaurants have given in to the food police by changing their French fry recipes & cooking methods. Do you now buy more or less French fries at fast food restaurants?

Fatty foods, global warming, gasoline shortages, second-hand smoke keep the lecturing, instructing know-it-alls employed.

Ethanol contains about 70% of the energy contained in an equal volume of gasoline. Since ethanol contains less energy per gallon, the consumer will need to buy more gallons to drive the same distance as when gasoline is used.

Do you enjoy listening to politicians, advocate groups, and scientists who explain that global warming is going to destroy life on our planet?

Quick. Wrong. You have made the situation worse. And so it is with ethanol, global warming & other unproven, emerging technological axioms as they are prematurely over-promoted and made to pass as panaceas.

Would you like politicians, scientists with agendas, & other meddlers would get to work on resolving problems? Should stop creating fear, stop meddling & get out of my life?

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