Trivia Can Be Important

Yes, much of it really is. And what is not trivial, is often misinterpreted.

animated_man_pointing people-standing

Do you generally I think of myself as interested in important topics and events.

Do you usually try to answer trivia questions asked on radio and TV shows to win prizes for players answering trivial questions correctly?

Is trivia is important to you?

If trivia is trivial, why are we so obsessed with it?

If trivia is a good pastime, imagine how wonderful it might be to use deep thoughts to pass time….

Do you agree or disagree with the following? “We live in society in which we have been encouraged to satisfy our desires to such a gluttonous degree as to render us intellectually incapacitated. Trivia therefore provides the most non-taxing form of nourishment for our emaciated intellects. Furthermore, it is fundamentally compatible with our self-serving, will-driven behavior as it provides a means by which one can enhance one’s status through a demonstration of ‘knowledge’, hence providing gratification for one’s ego.”

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