Why I Do It

Consider Yourself

What about what motivates people and why people do stuff. It is a mandatory visit for all who are in constant multi-task mode, rushing nowhere, anticipating chaos, and accomplishing less than their abilities might allow.

Why do you participate in Internet communities such as Twitter, Facebook, & others?

Why do you drive through red lights and stop signs?

Why are you arrogant and rude when talking with coworkers?

Why do you push quickly through the aisles disregarding other shoppers in grocery and other stores?

Why are you rude and short with family members at mealtimes?

Why do I plan my days with little regard for family & friends who may have conflicting plans?

Where do you fit on the following chart?

Type 5 Type 4 Type 3 Type 2 Type 1
A rational & reasonable person who knows where he is going & how to get there successfully.
A somewhat reasonable, yet irrational person afraid of appearing inadequate to his peers, uncertain of where he is going & how to get there successfully.
A person of average intellect who thinks little about where he is going, has been encapsulated by circumstances into a down lifestyle, respects little, & cares less.
An innocent bystander in life going nowhere, angry that things have not worked out in his favor, even though many aspects of his life are reasonably good. He is unsure why, but certain he must dislike & take revenge upon others at all times.
An angry person, totally out of control, irrational, & unreasonable who has no self-respect, no comprehension of life’s positive possibilites & its good fortune. He operates strictly to inflict damage upon his employer, neighbors, family members, & coworkers.
—  I’m fairly OK considering today’s chaotic, angry, hateful culture.
—  I’m just barely hanging in & surviving.
—  I’m so lost I don’t know what found means.
—  I’m going to find myself when I’m ready & not before.
—  I want your & everyone’s blood.

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